ANCTIP Coordination Meeting

The Afghanistan Network for Combating Trafficking in Person (ANCTIP) coordination meeting in between the ANCTIP members was held on Thursday, April 1, 2021, from 09:00 AM till 12:00 PM at OFRD meeting hall.
OFRD’s/ANCTIP Coordinator Mr. Ahmad Shabir Safi  after the greeting of participants presented a series of information regarding post ANCTIP activities, TIP global report 2020, and the planned activities for ANCTIP. A broad discussion and exchange of ideas taken place regarding the TIP global report 2020 and ANCTIP strategy for working with the governmental sectors. Mr. Ahmad Shabir Safi, who was the facilitator of this meeting, officially started the meeting to find out the major expectations of the members, and their proposed opinions to be considered for streghntening the network. 
Information was given by Mr. Ahmad Shabir Safi on the status of the network and planned activities to be implemented. The facilitator encouraged participants to share their experiences and learn through participation. At the same time, participants were instructed to take part in future activities of the network and support the network in development.

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